Friday , 22 February 2019
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More interesting people

More interesting people

Since I came to Sicily I had the pleasure of meeting lots of lovely and very interesting people and I learned many things. According on the theme of the month (innovative and entrepreneurial initiatives) I wanted to present you Marika, a young artist who comes from a village near Ragusa. Throughout her life she has had many temporary jobs, each more picturesque, until she decided to register as enterprising artisan. Now she runs a small ceramic stall (the Sicilian ceramic is one of the highlights of Italy and the of the world) where she sell her creations to tourists.

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- Marika, why did you choose this option?

- The truth is that I was never interested in having a conventional job with fixed hours, a boss, with almost no vacation, doing the same thing everyday … I knew that I wanted to enjoy what I was doing and be my own boss.

- What are the main difficulties you faced when you started this business?

- I was quite lost. I did not even how to declare enterprising. Questioning some artisans they told me that if I wanted to open a craft business I had to enroll in a compulsory National Crafts Commission, which is responsible for all administrative matters of the art business.

- And in what aspects help the National Craft Commission ?

- In a way it is a kind of protection to the enterprising artist. Although the ceramic business here in Sicily is quite productive, after all you are an entrepreneur and you have no certainty of what might happen. We can say that it is a kind of cooperative of artisans which in addition to help with all the bureaucratic or financial issue also carried out numerous projects for insertion and stabilization of young craftsmen, technological innovation in small and medium enterprises, promotes consortia between companies, offers training courses …

- Being an entrepreneur is well seen in Sicily?

- I think most artists are entrepreneurs, so in my guild itself is well seen, say that it is quite normal.




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