Saturday , 20 April 2019
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Little Paradise

Little Paradise

Antofagasta has its very own little special paradise.

It is called Punta Rieles. With turquoise sea, white sand, sea wolfs, penguins, otters, starfishes…

uff! I could spend a lot of time here, talking about all it has to offer, but nothing is better than to pay a simple visit.

The village is occupied mostly by fishermen. The headleader is called Raul Raquielme and it’s the amazing person that took us to a trip through sea and rocks full of the awesome animals. A thing we wouldn’t do in a normal day.

We did snorkeling and got to know the sea up close. Swimming with the seawolfs was the most epic thing to do even with the water super cold. But..I would do it again.

At the end of this affortunate adventure, we had the luck to eat a seafood soup and “empanadas” of “pulpo” and “ostion” made by the local cooker Juana. A sweet lady with an amazing gift for cooking. It was a burst of flavours and a very good gastronomic adventure.

It was just a lovely day to meet paradise :)



About Ana

Travel lover impacient for adventure and action that involves mother nature. Aims to meet and greet new cultures and make friends all over. Professionally, hopes to work on the field of proteccion and conservacion of biodiversity. Partner in crime and adept of good times.

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