Monday , 22 April 2019
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Learn to learn

Learn to learn

When we begin to learn pidgin our first reaction is that we’re back to the basics of English, which makes us confused by the complexity of easyest, and does us suspect what are we really learning. Once I had the experience of learning this new language I can give some suggestions that may help you:

  1. First and perhaps, the most important is that we don’t need to  complicate what is easy. Things may even be easy and certain, not everything has to be complex.
  2.  We can’t also forget the origin of Solomon Islands pidgin, an easier way to learn is knowing a little more about the history of the country and see how this influenced the current language.
  3. Don’t try to find rules to make phrases or verb conjugation, much less found a translator. The pidgin is a popular character language, which has a lot of culture and history of the islands, and above all, is a language that facilitates communication between local people, there’s no real rules that you can follow.
  4. Speak, because if you don’t speak you will never learn, and it’s also important to realize that in the Solomon Islands there are still people in remote islands that will not be able to communicate in English.
  5. And finally, makes learning be something fun, finding your own ways to improve your learning.

For me the easiest way to learn any language is to travel to the location where it’s “obliged” to speak and interact with the local people in the local language. And when it comes to pidgin, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, that’s normal when you learn a new language. Even the local people have different ways of speaking and writing, and that’s why it can become even more fun to learn this language. When you are used to a world with rules for everything, learn something without rules can become difficult, but motivates you to learn how to learn what you can learn again.



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My homeland is Madeira island, but i'm from the World. I want to see it with my own eyes, form my opinions and make my stories. That's why i want to know as much as i can about all cultures and differences, landscapes and horizons. Stay in one place and watch life going on is not an option.

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