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Is volunteering popular in St. Lucia ?

Is volunteering popular in St. Lucia ?

In my country it is not common for people to volunteer. It takes a lot of convincing. Even with our youth organization it is difficult to get committed people who are indeed willing to carry out projects without even wanting to benefit.

For the most part we are unified when there is a natural disaster in the country. At that time a lot of young citizens come out to assist. As it relatives to volunteering for youth projects in the country it is more or less the same recycled volunteers. One of the main reasons I think this exist is because of culture. Generally we seek after our best interest before the interest of others. Another contributing factor is the fact that people are not willing to leave their comfort zones to come out to give of their time. They prefer to have a good time and if the project do not involve that kind of fun time activities they stay away.  We have some NGO’s such as Red Cross, Pathinders, Brownies, NYC, Youth councils etc. who undertakes community projects and they are committed to it very much. So they represent.




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