Saturday , 25 May 2019
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In the train

In the train

13741125_272385286479026_747237459_n The city is still asleep.  It’s 5 am and is the first time that crazy traffic doesn’t fill up the Street and the travel by the car is not an aventure without rules in which the horn’s sound is the only warning.

It is the only time that tuk tuks do not try go throught a impossible spaces in the street or the car does not turn around in the middle of the street.

The first time I can not admire the patience of drivers and their ability to attend to all details and understand the signals that must be followed.

It’s 7 am, I’m waiting for the train, a journey that every traveler should do at least once in Sri Lanka. More than 250 kilometers of scents, colors, landscapes and people, that is the distance between Colombo and Bandarawela. Nine hours  of journey touring the tea plantations and discovering inside a country that leaves me speechless.

It’s 5 pm. I got off at the station of Bandarawela and a tuk tuk is waiting for me, travel in a tribyle are always a fun experience that allows me to enjoy the ride especially when the driver explains me all the places that i can see.

All day travelling to arrive to the center of the island, my new home.



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