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Il Mercato di Ballarò and Trash Boutique

Il Mercato di Ballarò and Trash Boutique

Ballarò market is one of my favorite sites of Palermo. A souk in the heart of downtown. It is the oldest, has existed since the sixteenth century, and although the most popular with tourists is the Vucciria market, the Ballarò is certainly the most authentic.

In it you’ll find fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, all kinds of cheeses, spices, nuts, household items, cleaning products, clothing … If you go morning you can hear from sellers who still have energy to shout their SIGNORINA PREGO! BUONISSIMO! FRESCHISSIMO!

Although it is also interesting to stop by around noon when students and workers lunch in the typical cushy positions with panino con la milza (a part of the stomach of the pig that is cooked with pork fat and eaten in a sandwich with lemon and grated cheese) or con le panelle (the vegetarian option with “burgers” of chickpea flour), delicious and real good prices.

Also at night the market becomes the most picturesque area of ​​up città, where you begin to drink before going to higher. Large beers for € 1.5, music and a row of tables and chairs outside to sit and talk with you sitting next touch.

Last week my roommate, Alfredo, wanted to buy a machine to shave the hair and one of the housemates told us that if we wanted to find things pretty good and cheap we had to go to Ballarò Sunday early morning. It turns out that on Sundays starting at 5 am riding a kind of rake where you can find everything, pictures, wedding dresses, toys, appliances…

The initial plan was to go clubbing and hang on until 5 in the morning to have breakfast and go to Ballarò to find the best merchandise, finally we went to sleep and we arrived to Ballarò Suanday at 14:00pm… Obviously there was almost no one and the only four or five vendors that were still there were picking up their positions… Alfredo and I decided to walk around to see more or less in which streets there was the market and return the following Sunday better prepared. We realized that there were so many people looking in dumpsters and we wondered… but what do they do? What are they looking for? In every street there were people watching and taking things out of containers, when we look closely we saw they picking out things from the market! So “back in Rome, do as the Romans do”, we went headlong into one of the busiest container and Mamma Mia! It was like the opportunities section of Harrods, I got a really cute sweater and a cardigan that, after 3 or 4 washes, in Tenerife would cost well over 20 € in any vintage shop, Alfredo brokered a cardigan and a briefcase for carry the laptop, he didn’t find the machine he was looking for, but after such a finding he didn’t even remember it …

I still do not understand why they do that, I do not know if that gives sellers more laziness resave things and take them home to throw them away or what happens… What I know is that next Sunday I will return doing shopping in Trash Boutique.



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