Monday , 20 May 2019
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I have never been outside Spain and now is the right moment for an adventure

I have never been outside Spain and now is the right moment for an adventure

Hi all. My name is Marta Calero and I will participate in the cultural project will take place in Reykjavik, Iceland.

I came to the project almost by chance or causality, because it fits so well with me, my work and many things and people around me also. I found out about it from a friend who also volunteers in NGOs, she posted on her facebook profile a photo / poster that asked young canaries, preferably from smaller islands, who would spend five months in another country. Here, no ties, no one stopped me, I didn’t find any problem. Being from La Palma was a bonus.

Normally I look for work in Tenerife. I am in the world of film and advertising, working with different producers on the island, and while not working out, was well thought of spending several months in another country, helping and learning. And traveling, which is one of the main motivations for applying the draft Island Shake. I have never left Spain and it’s time to throw the “adventure”.

My application came to fruition and Santa sent me confirmation that was selected for the second phase. At this point I only had to answer some questions about the project, motivation and some other aspects. A few days later I knew who I was one of the “finalists” for the project. They were asking us to choose which project and destination we preferred in the event of being elected. Reading the list of projects there was no doubt: Cultural Iceland. In this project the task is to create a film or several shorts, which almost did not have to read the other options: the movies, the cameras are my life, my work, my hobby … And I love doing my volunteer on it. To get my cover letter was written in script form, with my story up to this project, like a script for a short film. Open-ended writing gave rise only to finish this story, fulfilling the desire to go to Iceland. I have a mad desire to see northern lights, and being an EVS volunteer with Island Shake. Sure to be a great experience. I hope you feel encouraged to subsequent editions of the project.

A hug!



About Santa

Creadora y coordinadora del proyecto Island Shake. Creator and coordinator of the Island Shake project.

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  1. yo si que tengo ganas de ver auroras boreales… como pille un billete barato… a comer ballena! ajajaja

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