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How my own wish comes true

How my own wish comes true

After receiving confirmation of becoming a partner on the WISh Project, the National Youth Council of Saint Lucia made me the Project Coordinator. I must admit I sat down and put together a list of priority areas that would need to be addressed in order to receive attention from our people in Saint Lucia, especially stake holders and funding partners. Key areas were in that of long term partnerships that would be fruitful not just for our organization but also our European partners.


In terms of quality project ideas, that would be feasible and attractive to also our government, social inactivity (recreation) etc. I hoped to find common issues that would encourage such partnerships and to learn, which is most important in such a way that wouldn’t be taboo back here.


Upon arrival I must say I was hit with my first culture shock in terms of the weather. So cold that I could barely feel my face. I thought to myself, how can an island so small, be so cold, not even talking into account the geographical location. Nevertheless we met that same everything for introductions and guidance on what id expected from us and the hosts.


From the first day the actual project started I felt welcomed, not only by the Spanish volunteers but as well as the staff and students in our residence. Just the warmth of their continuous greetings encouraged me to open up, despite the initial language barer progressing into the week, exploring the island while being trained I became hooked.


The training course was on point and very interactive, teaching me various ways to make presentations and to gain the attention of the participants. It has inspired me to set objectives and to ensure they are attained, being more professional.


Knowing there is a lot to do back home every experience comes in handy and I appreciate everything I was taught during the courses. The EVS is one of the things that stood out to me, seeing how and understanding the European Commission made of work and the standard set to be guided by. That too has encouraged me to hold talks to Regional Leaders in the Caribbean Community through The CARICOM Youth Ambassadors Corps to gain support for such a module that would encourage volunteerism and contribute to educational advancements through subsidizes cost, on food and basic needs.


That also tying in with another important engagement, which was the meeting with the Director of International Affairs Department of the University, who indicated interest in collaborations. With many of these linking up could prove to be a major development bust for my region that seems too good to be true. I must say how proud I am to be part of such a major activity.


I can also concede to being touched by the cultural night of the Tenerife people, wearing of the clothes, food and engaging us in dance that made me feel amazed in the culture.


So much to say but for now I can say this is a dream come true and has given me, my organization and country an opportunity to get to the next stage of development for youth and overall people…




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