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Towards the mountains …TROODOS (Τρόοδος)

Towards the mountains …TROODOS (Τρόοδος)

I am one who found something special in the branches and bark, in moist soil, the folds of the land and the sounds that live there. The mountains have attracted me from childhood, and no matter if their slopes are very steep, no matter if the day is too hot, there will always be a shadow under which lie down and relax watching this dance so serene of light rays between leaves, while the breeze sounds.


Cyprus read my mind, my first city break has been for hiking in  Troodos, a region that houses the main mountains of the island, where is the highest point , Mount Olympus, which rises 1,951 m above sea level.


On this day, I remembered a lot of the Canary Islands, not only due to the woods, or the abrupt terrain, but because I shared the experience with three teachers and three students of the school of Granadilla de Abona, Tenerife. They and other students and teachers from the UK, Portugal and Cyprus participating in the Comenius Programme. This is a cooperative program that has several forms, in this case, it join four elementary schools, and its main objective is to strengthen the European dimension in the field of early childhood education, primary and secondary, promoting mobility and cooperation between schools. The experience I had with them these days, along with the smiling faces of children from four different countries who have experiences they’ll never forget, it was fantastic, I think Comenuis worth it.


 So, with all this great team, mix of  Portuguese, English, Cypriot and Canarian, about 25 or 30 people, we went into the forest to search Kalidonia cascade, with a fall of 12 meters, is one of the largest of Cyprus.

The path was quite nice, fairly flat but continuously ascent, and moisture of the soil  had smeared the shoes from the first meters. The very dense vegetation reminded a little to the “Laurisilva”, especially when I  was touching some rocks covered with moss, which seemed huge sponges full of water.


The path leads up to  the channel of a river that we had heard from the beginning of the route, crossing for the first time after walking about 500 meters and from there,  we continue walking along the river. Avoiding the mud and slips, we walked quietly, taking pictures, enjoying the ride, constantly crossing from one bank to another by means of wooden bridges, and so, almost without realizing it, we had walked the 3 kilometers of the trail and the waterfall appeared almost by surprise.


What a feeling to wet your face and hands with water when you’re so close to its source in the mountain tops! I had been hours sitting on a wooden bench in front of the waterfall, listening  … but children had been desperate.

Despite having already left behind my childhood, these places I still transmitting an amazing beauty. I came back with a little bit of peace that lives there, among many trees, the water transparency,  wet leaves on the ground … the purity!




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