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Going abroad ? Mobility programmes in Solomon Islands

Going abroad ? Mobility programmes in Solomon Islands

There are some mobility programmes e.g. scholarships available for young people in tha Solomon Islands through partner countries such as:
- Australian Award Scholarship (AAS)
- New Zeland Aid Scholarship(NZ AID)
- At the national level we have National Training Units (NTU)
- And also Japanese Aid and Taiwanese Aid

On the same note, young people are taking advantage of such opportunities as they are an offer every year. However, there are criteria for eligibility for example, for the AAS and NZ AID only those studding for post graduate and graduate courses are eligible and for the Japanese and Taiwanese the same also applies. As such, only who reach a certain level of education coalification have more advantage our such mobility programs and not the average drop outs who have to look for other possible opportunities locally.




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