Monday , 17 June 2019
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Going abroad ? Mobility programmes in Indonesia

Going abroad ? Mobility programmes in Indonesia

Based on my experience, yes we Indonesians have many changes to go abroad. We have sustainable network with many countries to send youngsters abroad to study, to do study visits or to conduct cross cultural understanding.

But yes, many networks are not the goal. The sustainable ones are the best, because we cannot stop the network at the time table. So we are ready to build many more networks since the youngsters are eager to experience new point of views. And of course we will share our knowledge with other youngsters all around the world.

Once I had an opportunity to saw full bright presentation an my collage, Satya Wacana School of Foreign Languages. They offered some chances to Indonesian students to study in the USA. Lots of my friends interested in going the program but sadly at the end not many applied for the scholarship because of many reasons such as thay were not confident enough and mostly they were finishing their thesis.




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