Saturday , 25 May 2019
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From volunteering to World Island Shake…

From volunteering to World Island Shake…

Volunteerism is not so popular among young people however by setting up of the provincial youth councils, we take risk on emphasizing young people to take on full responsibility by taking up all the positions voluntarily.

Though Honiara Youth Division engaging young people for organizing, planning and implementation of events such as International Youth Day, Children Day etc. based on volunteerism. Nowadays other NGOs and CBOs are venture into volunteerism which shows great need for young people’s helping hands.
I have been voluntary for 4 years at the Honiara Youth Division – Honiara City Council. After I got employeed by National Youth Congress as a Program Officer and have been working with young people locally, regionally and internationally.

If not volunteerism I would not be here today!




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