Saturday , 25 May 2019
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Foods and Culture

Foods and Culture

Foods Experience

Talking little bit about my meals in Indonesia, Indonesian is the big fan of RICE / ARROZ (Spanish), we eat rice in every our meals. No rice in your plate which means you are not eating, even you have finished one big bowl of Salad! Because in here is different, now I am in the distance with my lovely ARROZ because the fact that Canarian also Spanish people are having a simple foods such breakfast and lunch, then they will have a real meal in the big dinner time.

During this program, I am living to manage my self including the supplies for my foods. Going to grocery store and bought different type of foods, here I bought a lot of bread, cereal for breakfast, chees that I am really rare to eat in Indonesia, also vegetables for Sandwiches. So far these combinations of meals  can support me to be as always active and strong / fuerte (spanish).

Instead of having the daily routine with the regular simple foods that I made, such sandwiches, bocadillo (type of long bread), I also had experience taste the traditional foods made by locals (Guanches Foods), called Gofio (special canarian smashed potato with ingredient), Moho (sauce / Salsa), and also my favorite coffee is Barraquito (Coffee with condense milk, sometimes they put liqour and cream on it). Find these kind of foods I have to make an extra effort, because I need go to traditional restaurant usually the restaurant is located in the village and in the top of mountain, which is the best place to enjoy the best foods even need more effort to have it. Since I really love those foods, I am planning to learn how to cook the traditional foods and the good news is one of the mother’s of my mentor here, willing to teach me how to cook the canarian foods this September. Which is awesome, could be a good gift for my mom back home in Indonesia, Canarian Receipe!



About Karim

I am interested in Youth and Community Development project, since 2009 I have been actively participated in volunteering activity. Towards the program with Islandshake called STARS project it gives me the opportunity to have more experience and knowledge in the sustainable tourism concept that I am planning to work more also with my organization(Sahabat Pulau) and associated with Bali-Community Based Tourism Association (BALI-CoBTA) in Indonesia.

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