Monday , 22 April 2019
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Firts impressions

Firts impressions

Usually, when one speaks with friends and people from different parts of South America and mention them Portugal, many tend to talk about its capital Lisbon or Oporto, but when the conversation starts to be more detailed, with questions such as: how are the cities of Portugal?, what will be the popular dish? Is its landscape mountainous or desert? When I knew that it had been benefited with a trip abroad as a volunteer in Madeira Island, quickly began to emerge in my mind questions about this mysterious and particular place in the world. Slink and sheltered between Africa, South America and Europe wrapped by the Pacific lies the island of Madeira, a large humpback green mount looking from the Center to the planet. To the give my first steps in this place, the aroma of the wind, the green mountains that is posed in my eyes, the strength of the sea in my ears, my body began to perceive this new context… return to walk…


Thousands of houses on the rugged geography of Funchal, the capital Madereinse, all of them looking with windows and balconies towards the immeasurable Horizon Blue, walking between organic and narrow streets could see in them its history… the stone taken from the Vulcan heart carved on the walls, the aroma of sweet wine lives in the tables of the various restaurants that woo the passenger thousands of ships approaching the coast with the desire to begin a new experience, as well as us, this is the first impression, the first kiss with Madeira, where I personally think something of me stayed in it.



Your face exalted, pale but of a clay Hat

you me slip between playful clouds,

The anxious ship you Woo with the first kiss.

… He does not know that firmament has just of close…



About Bairon

Me gusta el viaje y su ritual, caminar desde el lugar mas urbanizado hasta ese donde la electricidad no va muy bien, pienso que soy una persona que le gusta observar mi entorno , sin embargo muchas veces por tener la mirada en el aire me tropiezo o choco con alguien. me considero un amante de los espacios públicos y todo lo que en ellas suceden; de la buena platica y la buena comida sin duda. Alguien inquieto de cuerpo y mente. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I like the travel and its ritual, walking from the place more urbanized until that where the electricity not goes very well, think that am a person that you like observe my environment, however many times by have it look in the air I stumble or choco with someone. I think a lover of them spaces public and all that in them happen; good talk and good food without a doubt. Someone restless body and mind.

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