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First Impressions

First Impressions

First ImpressionsIt may sound crazy to move so many kilometres away from home to do some work. It may seem risky to go live with a family with a different culture. It may seem strange come to stay for 5 months to a new country to volunteer. And yes, sometimes I ask myself the question whether it has really been crazy, or everything will be fine.

Fortunately, the answer to this question has always been something positive, and this has been due to the reality that I have found. A country full of people always willing to make you feel well and never uncomfortable.

This is what happen with my family. A family with a similar structure as mine in Spain. I am again the youngest of the family, and as in Spain, I have a 30 years old brother, and a 25 years old sister. The father is a well known doctor in this village, and the mother takes care that their children never lacked anything. I have been welcomed as one more, and the first night, the most repeated sentence was “now you are part of this family”.

In the temple where we are working on, are also all facilities. The three monks of the temple, wait for us every morning with a big smile on their faces, they know we have come for helping them. They worry about our health, and of if we want something different for lunch. They are always concerned about our necessities, and every time we have a problem, they try to solved it.

¿How many of us will agree having strange foreigners in our houses for a long time? to seat them with us on dinner table, to treat them as one of our family.

In Sri Lanka it is always easy, Sri Lankan people, make it easy. They have strength and they know that their country is suffering changes, so they know they need to be prepared for the new times are coming.

Its hospitality is worthy to feel envious, and thanks of this, i feel that everything is ok.



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Apasionado de vivir en la naturaleza, y de que la naturaleza viva en mí. Efímeras las oportunidades... que vienen y se van con el viento. Amante de aprovechar cada segundo de la vida. Explorador de los límites del cuerpo y la mente. Caminante del universo hasta que éste se canse de mis pasos y decida echarme de sus senderos. Passionate about living in nature, and about nature living in me. Opportunities are fleeting... they fly away with the wind. I love making the most of every second of my life. Body and mind limits explorer. Universe walker, until the universe gets tired of my steps and decides to put me out of its path.

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