Saturday , 25 May 2019
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First impressions!

New Volunteer Spea Madeira

My name is Nadine Sánchez (24), I was born in Antofagasta, Chile. Currently, I find myself doing volunteering in Spea Madeira for the project STARS (Sustainable Tourism Agents in Rural Societies), co-funded by Erasmus +.

I did my BA in Psychology, North Catholic University, where I’m doing clinical care work for children and teenagers in Delta UCN, a program from the Innovation and Academic Talent Centre of the university. It was there where I knew the opportunity to do volunteering in Spea; contribute to the well-being in a totally different way, turned in a completely irresistible challenge.

So I prepared my bags and carry my energies with family and friends, and from one moment to another I found myself on the plane, with a lot of emotions of this new opportunity. We took the plane to Madeira, and after 30 hours of traveling we arrived at the awaited destination.

At the airport, we saw a kind face with a smile on, it was Laura, who kindly took us there. She explained in what was happening around while on the road way to our new ‘home’. Once there I’ve seen what happens to those who arrives for the first or the last time in Madeira; the landscape of the endless afternoon begins to delight the eyes of those who visit for the first time.

In the early days we only stopped to rest for the journey. On the afternoon of the second day we met Laura again, to recognize what we needed at the moment. The next day we met the current team working on Spea; passionate people about their work.



About Nadine

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