Saturday , 20 April 2019
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First Impressions

First Impressions

Sem Título

The first shock was when I crossed from the airport to the UCN residence. We can really see the social difference through the organization of the houses, the lack of cleaning in the streets, strain dogs everywhere, etc. But while we are driving to the center, it starts to show more organization, more social activity, some bars and restaurants start to appear. Besides it, we start to notice the development of nautical sports like surf and some terrestrial sports like football and rugby. For a person that visits mainly touristic places that show a little more organization, is a very different point of view.


For what I understood until now, Chilean people are very easy-going and available people that worry only about the moment. For them, the future doesn’t exist because when it arrives, it’s already the present. Which it’s actually a very good way of putting things because they won’t suffer the anxiety of what it is to come and how will it develop.
As for the project, in the beginning I was trying to understand what was expected of me and what were the tasks prepared and to be developed.
However, I feel that it is important to be flexible and adaptable, since it is a very important skill to be developed. And this is the time to do so.



About Ana

Travel lover impacient for adventure and action that involves mother nature. Aims to meet and greet new cultures and make friends all over. Professionally, hopes to work on the field of proteccion and conservacion of biodiversity. Partner in crime and adept of good times.

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