Saturday , 25 May 2019
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First Impression in Tenerife

First Impression in Tenerife

Finalmente, Finally.., after all the dramas with my visa processing in Jakarta that delayed my flight to Tenerife. I am so happy the process is done. The fact that today, I am here, yess in Canary Island.  The first welcoming words that I heard in the airport when I arrived, Hola, ola, ola… como estas ? Spanish words, new language, new environment, foods, landscape, time zone and etc., they are out there! Those are has been waiting for me to be explored and I hope they will be friendly as I will do for them. Well, as I mentioned, no more visa processing, I have received 180 days technically to improve my capacity as a young people towards self development within the STARS-Project. Also since the words of European Voluntary Service (EVS) is in my head, I am talking to my self and always realizing that I have to commit, setting up the targets and goals of learning in here.

After my arrival in the airport of Tenerife Norte,  within the gap only less than 24 hours from the arrival. I was invited to watch the festival, called “Romeria de San Benito” in the City of La Laguna. This moment was so unbelievable because it was my first day = Primero dia in Tenerife and I jumped out from the bed, and suddenly in the morning walked to the crowd, people were dressed up, music, dances, foods, were so amazing. The first impression of experiencing typical culture of canarian people. In this moment, I could see how the canarian people respecting their culture, the elder teach how to preserved culture, the youth were dressed up and participated, kids were dancing around with the traditional costumes and the both are happy.  Romeria de San Benito is a religious feast where the sain Benedict bless the harvest and the kettle, now it goes beyond as a celebration of the mixed traditions that conform the canarian heritage. In this moment, I took some videos / photos, captured the original tradition, very unique and tasty for any visitors who were coming there. Although this festival is amazing, but this the only one of  other festival that would held in Canary Island specially in this summer. Get ready for filming and capturing moments in other festivals.
-Gracias, thank you, terima kasih-



About Karim

I am interested in Youth and Community Development project, since 2009 I have been actively participated in volunteering activity. Towards the program with Islandshake called STARS project it gives me the opportunity to have more experience and knowledge in the sustainable tourism concept that I am planning to work more also with my organization(Sahabat Pulau) and associated with Bali-Community Based Tourism Association (BALI-CoBTA) in Indonesia.

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