Saturday , 25 May 2019
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First impression: “How distances can be measured?

First impression: “How distances can be measured?


Distances are kilometers, meters … They can also be measured in the time that separates us.

But distances are also experiences, traditions , culture… and those are the issues which undoubtedly mark us.
The 11.000 kilometers that separated Canary Island from Sri Lanka are the inumerables places that we flew over.

We crossed hundreds of villages and dozens of countries in less than 15 hours. Those hours helped me to remember how immense is our world, admire from the sky inhospitable and natural places and see the trail of human being on earth. Those hours allowed me to increase my desire to know the reality hidden behind each of those places and remember the reason of this adventure.

Actually the 11,000 kilometers and 15 hours can be translate into differences. In the cultural distance that as tourists we usually do not see … A reality in which we are deepening day by day.

Begins our experience in Sri Lanka living with families, knowing their customs and traditions. This distances are the ones that matters because this are distances that impress us, the distances that teach us.



About Isora

I'm a photographer lover, passionate of cultureand i have lived each stage of my life intensely. Willing to learn new things every day.

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