Saturday , 25 May 2019
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EVS special moment

EVS special moment

13876148_706909586114420_2225486109345478781_nIn order to write words that are faithful to what I feel, firstly I have to ask myself… what makes a moment, special?
For me, a moment becomes special when you are surrounded by a feeling of security, companionship, familiarity and, above all, you feel like you can be yourself.

During my stay, I have encountered a few moments that allowed me to think “yeah, this is why I chose to be here!”. Between these few and peculiar moments, there is one that makes me feel thrilled, camping under the stars in a natural park, surrounded by fellows with the same goal as I: have a good time between friends, while enjoying nature’s gifts.
What was supposed to be a simple lecture about the project, became a 3-days-camping experience in Parque Nacional Morro Moreno.
20160728_081434It was given me the choice to integrate a group that would be developing activities in this same park. With the promise that the chosen one would receive Chocolats MilkyWay, they all presented, in a very creative a funny way, the activities that they had been developing during the past few days. Between “Lobos Finos”, “Gaviotas”, “Orejudo de Darwin”, “Delfines” and “Changos”, the choosen one was…GAVIOTAS (seagull)! “cáá CÁÁ cáá CÁÁ”! The best gang ever!
Our activity was to build a trekking system that would led us to “La Aguada”, an enchanted place!
Apart from this being the reason that led me to choose them, being a group that expressed a certain kind of comradeship and openness, made me feel that I should be one of them… so I did! And I wouldn’t have it any other way!
Between jokes and discoveries, the gig was felt as a light one! And the sharing moments were priceless!

Being in a camping where everything was made together, dinner, dishwashing, cooking and even playing Jenga! Made it a very special episode! And it also led to a series of incoming events that have been making my staying worth it!20160727_112957

As one of the best poets (Jim Morrison) said “A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself”! And I made friends that day  :)



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Travel lover impacient for adventure and action that involves mother nature. Aims to meet and greet new cultures and make friends all over. Professionally, hopes to work on the field of proteccion and conservacion of biodiversity. Partner in crime and adept of good times.

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