Monday , 25 March 2019
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EVS from non-european point of view

EVS from non-european point of view

I understand that EVS provide opportunities for young people from 18 to 30, exceptionally 16-30, in areas of self-development and country development. This is a great opportunity for young people like me to learn new cultures and exchange good practices.

There are also opportunities to teach others about my culture. The most outstanding thing for me is the diversity of unique areas covered by an EVS volunteer. EVS helps one build character and tolerance for others no matter the race or creed. It adds to your CV some impressing work experience which is a plus for any individual. On the other hand the hosting organization also becomes more equipped through more experience of hosting an EVS. They do this by increased knowledge of other cultures, stronger bounds with other countries or organizations, effective communication with EVS.

Overall becoming an EVS is a grat opportunity which I will encourage other youth from my island to apply for.


About EVS and more opportunities for young people you can read also on European Commission webpage. Just klick!



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