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The sixth edition of European Youth Week (EYW2013) was celebrated across Europe during the week of 26 May – 2 June 2013.  EYW2013  consist of a broad range of events and activities that are  organised in all 33 countries participating in the EU’s Youth in Action (YiA) programme, where the coordination and ORganisation of events has been entrusted to the National Agencies of the YiA.


Youyh in Action (YiA) is the current EU Programme for Yong people. It Promotes mobility,  non-formal Earning and intercultural dialogue among European youth, particular those with fewer opportuniries, by supporting a large variety of activities. Through the YiA Program, Yong people and youth organizations have the opportunity to develop skins and competentes and enhace  their active citizenship and feeling of being European.

The National Agency of the “Youth in Action” Programme in Cyprus   organized the event that took place in down town of Nicosia.  Four organizations  participated in the activities: N.A. Aequitas (Non-profit  and  non-partisan organization dedicated to the promotion of Human Rights Education, Citizenship Education and Intercultural Education in Cyprus), NGO Akti (Akti Project and Research Center is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, located at Nicosia, active in “Environmental research and quality of life issues”, “Information and training of citizens for the promotion of sustainable development” and “Co-ordination and consulting in research activities”),  YEU Cyprus (YEU Cyprus stands for Youth for Exchange and Understanding Cyprus and it is a non-political and  non-governmental organization) and  Politistiko Ergastiri Agion Omologiton ( Cultural Center establish as a nonprofit organization in 2002, that host  workshop of traditional dancing, traditional music, film, photography and theatre).


All the organizations were cited in a meeting two weeks before the “EYW”, at the National Agency in Nicosia. Evangelia Mechanikou (Event Coordinator) successfully coordinated all activities offered by the organizations involved, got the necessary infrastructure to carry out the activities of each group and define the schedule to coordinate all activities and performances.

The event was organized in four stops:
Stop 1. Traditional Dancing and Break Dance at Plateia Elefterias.

Stop 2. Graffiti on panels at the entrance of school of Faneromenis.

STOP 2. Graffiti

STOP 2. Graffiti

Stop 3. Radio live link (Mix fm) at Church of Faneromenis.

STOP 3. Mix FM Radio

STOP 3. Mix FM Radio

Stop 4. Theater and Juggling Performance at the entrance of Faneromenis’s church .


STOP 4. Juggling Performance

STOP 4. Juggling Performance

Personally, it was a fun experience, I thoroughly enjoyed actively participating in the organization of the event, doing theater in front of many people and of course, making a performance with my “diabolo” in the center of Nicosia, surrounded by many people, children, young and old, was an unforgettable experience,I will always remember the faces of those children who amazed and excited when they played with me, and the faces of a group of older people who watched from a bench … to have the opportunity of show people something they have never seen before …is wonderful!








National Agency YiA Cyprus                                               
YEU Cyprus                                                                             
N.A. Aequitas                                                   
NGO Akti                                                                                             
Politistiko Ergastiri Agion Omologiton            



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