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To mark the European Youth Week 2013 events are being organized again in several cities of Greece during the months of May and June.

The European Youth Week is an initiative of the European Commission in which 31 countries participate in the program “Youth in Action” and this year is being organized for the sixth time, after the success of previous years.

The city of Lefkada has been the place chosen by the National Agency to carry out the celebration of the European Youth Week 2013 inGreece. On May 25th the event that opened the European Youth Week started in the main square of. Many activities were organized in here for the delight of the young public: a youth sailing competition, which was organized with the collaboration of the Island Sailing Club, graffiti painting, and 2 concerts of a young band in Lefkada called Cow Head and of the famous haf Spanish half Greek band Mucha Trela.

The surprise of the event was participation of the volunteers of the European Voluntary Service (EVS). Both the group of volunteers who are currently working in Nidri building the Eco Home, and the long term volunteers in “Solidarity Tracks” Organization in the city of Lefkada also participated in the event. The young Nidri volunteers organized a dance compilation with the traditional dances from their country. Therefore, we were able to enjoy dances from various countries: Armenia, Bulgaria, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Ukraine and of course, Spain. When it was time for the couple of Spanish volunteers, both from Malaga, they surprised the spectators with the mythical and unforgettable dance “Macarena”. Everyone present was enjoying this dance and they were encouraged to dance together with our two Spanish volunteers. It was really a fun time.

The volunteers of the “Solidarity Tracks” collaborate in the organization and in the dissemination of information regarding the EVS. Handing out brochures and promotional materials to those present and explaining our work there. Equal Society, another youth organization in Lefkada was also present in this event with their Free Hugs activity.

The event, as I said, was carried out with the collaboration of the organization “Solidarity Tracks” and the support of the Municipality of Lefkada.

It was certainly a beautiful day where we all celebrated the European Youth Day and had a lot of fun.



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