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The Island Shake project’s participants

The Island Shake project’s participants

How we shared two days together.

 The weekend of the 11th and 12th of january was the course before departure of the Island Shake volunteers (EVS).

This course aims to inform each of the aspects that we need to know about insurance, organizations, money, travel, project … But it is also a perfect tool for us to know each other.

 In our case, the course has been very enjoyable, everything was a game, as happened at the very beginning to learn our names. I never learned the names of a group so fast! The game was to make a gesture associated with our name and say our island, and each of us had to repeat the all too.

 We also made a bingo to learn details of our lives, where we learned who had more than two siblings, a tattoo, who had been or was currently voluntary, who knew more than two languages, hobbies of each one, and so on. So we have also noticed that we have things in common, we all have friends abroad, that none of us smoke, most do not have much fear of language of our host country (although there is always the fear in most or less).

 We have known what about our fears and our expectations, and we have realized that we all want to make the most of our experience, it is important for everyone to know good people in the places we visit and learn from them, their way of being , of their cultures.

 And as the hours passed, we started to get relationship between us, friends or acquaintances in common, because we are seven different islands but are very interconnected. Especially Laura, who is the “public relations manager” of the group, and the first volunteer to leave, now in February. Surely then be devoted to visiting the rest of EVS in their countries!

 And the course did not end in the classroom, having coffee with the volunteers who do their EVS in Tenerife, we all went to dinner together and have a drink, we had a great time and we have stories to remember any of the night. We are a good team!



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Creadora y coordinadora del proyecto Island Shake. Creator and coordinator of the Island Shake project.

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