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From Romania to Lefkada… Thanks to the EVS!

From Romania to Lefkada… Thanks to the EVS!

«Solidarity Tracks» is a non-profit and non governmental organization, promoting youth exchanges, mobility and intercultural learning on European and worldwide scale. Solidarity Tracks disseminate the value of the human rights and pursue the initiative of responsible and sustainable development.

The actions of Solidarity Tracks support individuals’ personal development in relation to local sustainable development.

“Our organization was established thanks to a heartfelt aspiration and cooperation of men, women and children of every age, from different regions of Greece and abroad. The ultimate goal of our organization is to understand the links which unite people, inspire us, supports the spirit for an equal and mutual development”.

At this organization arrived Cosmina Băjan, an European Volunteer, EVS.

G: Cosmina, tell us something about yourself, please.

I’m 29 years old, I studied Political Science Graduate and MA at the University of Bucharest, Romania. I am from Brăila but I have been living in Bucharest for 9 years, I like living in the capital city but I am still very attached of my small town. I have worked in environmental journalism, environmental protection, marketing, sales and PR. I love coffee and cinema. J

1. Why did you want to be EVS volunteer?

Well, acutually I did not want especially to be EVS volunteer, I just felt that after some experiences as a volunteer in my country it is time to accept the challenge of volunteering in other country . After almost 4 years of work in different fields of activity ( journalism, marketing, sales, PR) I simply decided that I need to take a break, spend some time out of the employee field in order to clear my mind and decide what I want to do next.

2. Do you think this experience will help you find a job?

I don’t think that the EVS in Lefkada will assure me a job when I finish it, but I definitely think that it will enrich my experience and make me have a much clearer view on what I want to do next.

3. Do you know somebody who found work thanks to his EVS?

Actually, I only know one more person in Romania who helped with EVS projects in Romania, but until I got here in Lefkada I never met a former EVS volunteer.

4. How did you get to be a volunteer in Lefkada?

                In end January I quit my former job in a coffee shop, where I was doing Marketing and Sales, Barista work, Primary Accountancy so a little bit of everything. I decided back then that I have to change my perspective on my life and decide what I want to do next for my personal development. I had 3 weeks of thinking and analyzing all the possibilities and opportunities. During this three weeks I remembered that the coordinators in my sending organization have been sending me messages with volunteering programs and I always had to say no because back then I had the job and I was not prepared to quit a job for a volunteering program. I checked the latest volunteering programs that the guys send me and the longest and most appealing was Lefkada, so I contacted them, I filled in the form, had the interview with the coordinator of the hosting organization and in a week I knew precisely that I will come in Lefkada for one year to volunteer on environmental issues. I have experience in this field because before the coffee shop I worked as environmental journalist and PR for an environmental magazine in Bucharest, so for me this EVS program is a good opportunity to put into practice what I already know how to do.

5. Is EVS popular in you country?

                To be honest, I don’t think that many people in Romania know about EVS as particular way of volunteering and about the opportunities this program can give you. But I really want to make it more popular at least amongst my friends because it really is a good, inspiring program.

6. What do you hope to gain from your volunteer work in Lefkada?

                My main task according to my EVS agreement is to create an environmental magazine dedicated to sustainable development for the citizens of Greece and in particular for the citizens of Lefkada. I hope to be able to accomplish my task and to make a good job with the magazine, I hope to gain satisfaction from my work and interaction with the local people here, I hope to be able to make a change in the behavior of the people here and in their attitude towards the environment and the sustainable development. Hopefully I will also gain basic Greek Language knowledge and good friend


Thank you very much, Cosmina! Good luck! ;)



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