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7 Canarians… 7 Researchers… 7 Reporters…

7 Canarians… 7 Researchers… 7 Reporters…

“2 items each week, 9 items each month, 45 items in the suitcase on the way back”

I am one of the seven volunteers of the “Island Shake” project (EVS)*, that will travel to seven European islands, we are not going to do an x-ray, we are going to do an MRI of the societies in which we are immersed.

Half of our research will be focused on a key issue in these times, “The Youth Employability”, approached from several points of view. From Iceland (2) to Cyprus, via Madeira, Sicily, Malta and Greece (Lefkada), we will find out difficulties and facilities offered by each country to its youth, in job and social environment, to be fully realized as individuals, while also adding strength and a future to their cultures, and their next generations.

Youth, what are their jobs? Do they need languages? Do they planning on leaving out?, or studying out? Is possible for everyone? Tourism, brings something to the islanders? Is possible to carry out initiatives, being young?  Is volunteering an option? Do they know “Youth in Action? …   I’m anxious … to unify all these answers and many more!

The remaining items are of free choice, everyone will try to show details or great details about our host islands, displaying or comparing them with our archipelago, or our island, Gran Canaria in my case. Many ideas come to my mind, so I will work in  several themes, trying to do a scan of the Cypriot society from various angles; the conservation of traditions (songs, dances, habits, …), the current role of crafts, the relationship of tourism to the island, the stakes of the government on renewable energies … and an item that can not miss, to know how live or coexist in Cyprus the “Greek Cypriots” (center and south of the island),  and the  “Turkish Cypriots” in the “Republic Turkish Northern Cyprus ” (north of the island), within an island, one on each side of the wall.

* “ISLAND SHAKE ” (EVS) project within the framework of “Youth in Action”, European Voluntary Service. Funded by the European Commission and coordinated by the sociocultural association “Isla CreActivA” (



About Santa

Creadora y coordinadora del proyecto Island Shake. Creator and coordinator of the Island Shake project.

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