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(English) Learning, In the Last Point of Europe

(English) Learning, In the Last Point of Europe

Instead of only staying in Tenerife also I had an opportunity travel to another islands in Canary. This trip took me to the island called “EL HIERRO”, a.k the last point of the europe before you are facing the open Atlantic ocean.Coming to this place, was magnificent! Not only looking for the landscape but also the people who are living there. Little bit about El Hierro, is the smallest island in the Canary with population is about 12,162). Like the rest of the Canary Islands chain, El Hierro is sharply mountainous and volcanic the best view for hiking in the range of Volcanic island, you could see the form of the island created by lava stream when the massive eruption was happened 1 million year ago.


Home of many unique species such as critically endangered Giant Lizard (Gallotia simonyi), talked about an endemic species for giant lizard, has similarities with Indonesia because we also have the giant lizard who lives only in the island called Komodo Island, the name of the animal is Komodo Dragon.


Like another islands in Canary, El hierro is a tourist destination. They have a small airport in Valverde which is the capital. Both flight to El Hierro is connected from Tenerife. In 2000 this island was designed by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve, with 60% of the teritory protected to preserve natural and cultural diversity. Talking about the energy , El Hierro was designed to be the first island in the world to be self sufficient energy, this will be achieved through a €54 million project combining a greater than 11 megawatt wind farm also the hydro electrics project.


Conducted to this condition, I would say this island would be one of the best to be designed for Community Based Tourism concept in a way the development of tourism industry because the integration of the Islanders and the government has been designed good project to develop this island without loosing the diversity of culture and nature.

Muchas Gracias El Hierro.



Acerca de Karim

I am interested in Youth and Community Development project, since 2009 I have been actively participated in volunteering activity. Towards the program with Islandshake called STARS project it gives me the opportunity to have more experience and knowledge in the sustainable tourism concept that I am planning to work more also with my organization(Sahabat Pulau) and associated with Bali-Community Based Tourism Association (BALI-CoBTA) in Indonesia.

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