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Tips\Expectations When Wanting to Visit Tenerife

Tips\Expectations When Wanting to Visit Tenerife

1. When applying for visa; time needs to be given for delays by the Embassy of Spain in Trinidad of about five weeks before intended date of travel.

2. Ensure all bookings, lodging, accommodation, invitation letters and receipts are well documented.

3. Expect long flights of eight hours and more…

4. Ensure that you pack warm clothing, especially when traveling in the winter, which is between the months of December to normally February, with March being included for unexpected weather patterns.

5. Spending monies are in place, taking into account that their main currency is Euro dollars.

6. Though few persons speak English, their main language is Spanish. Therefore it is advised that you learn at least the basics.

7. Don’t be shy to interact with strangers, they are friendly people.

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