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Tips for Traveling to Tenerife from Malta

Tips for Traveling to Tenerife from Malta


  1. Learn first few phrases of Spanish language
  2. Google the information about the place and country
  3. Check out the weather and the currency of the country
  4. Make sure you take the medicine
  5. Check the expire if your passport and visa
  6. Make sure your mobile is charged and with credit
  7. Check about the place where you’re staying – reviews or call there
  8. Make sure you take appropriate adapter + charges
  9. There are two things you have to see – volcano + white sand
  10. Check about your roaming and internet possibilities
  11. Make a first trip to tourist information office. There you find nice person who will guide you in the city
  12. Never rely on tur.inf and check the country by yourself
  13. Have a coffee in the local bar and try to male a friend who will show you more than the tourist office
  14. Make sure you have medical care or good insurance
  15. Post the info about your travel in FB so people might advice you what to see
  16. Learn how to say “I’m allergic” or “vegetarian” in Spanish
  17. Prepare your luggage with both summer, winter clothes + take all the swimming suits + smart clothes… you never know…
  18. Check out the regulation of the country (drinking, smoking, etc.)




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