Monday , 20 May 2019
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When you are going to Tenerife, remember that…

When you are going to Tenerife, remember that…

One of the main things to remember when going to Tenerife is that the older generation
doesn’t speak that much English. That said, I recommend bringing a basic phrasebook
in Spanish and learning how to properly pronounce things like asking for basic necessities
such as water or beer (or learn Spanish if you’re not lazy!!!).

The most important thing is to remember that Canarian “cold” is not the same as Icelandic
“COLD” I was told to bring a jacket because it could get “cold” and by that they meant:
“It could drop below 20°C during the day”

That being said, it is a good idea to bring a light jacket or a thick sweater because it gets
a bit cold during the nights. (8-10°C)

Also the tap water is drinkable and not bad but I recommend bottled water.

Í stuttu máli sagt: það verður heitt, nema á kvöldin, lærðu spænsku og skemmtu þér!!!




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