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Tips before exploring Canary Island for Indoneian

Tips before exploring Canary Island for Indoneian

1. Tenerife is a part of Spain… so you must get the visa from the embassy of Spain in Jakarta. It usualy takes 15 to 20 years. But based on the experience it will be issued sooner if you get an invitation letter from the Spanish Institution.

2. Bring along the other supporting documents such as passport, travel inscurance, invitation letter (if you are invited ny the Spanish organisation) and the ticket, identification card (copied one) and family card, also he copied one.

3. Carefully choose the best airplanes and their air fares. Book online! It is cheaper than purchase it from the travel agent. And book from thei official website.

4. Warm clothes are needed because the micro climate is changing all the time. You can get rain in 15 minutes then you’ll have sunshine directly after that and go back to rain again. So be prepared.

5. Find the suitable a place to stay based on your budget. You may find hostel, hotel or your friend’s house.

6. Prepare enough money in Euro minimum 300 Euro. Well, there are lots of mouthwatering food here so make sure that your pocket is full of money if you want to try all of them.

Tenerife, Kepulauan Canari
Pulau Kecil Sejuta Pesona…
Ketika mengunjungi kota Tenerife yang paling berkaesan adalah cuaca. Dengan cuaca yang terus berubah, Tenerife memberikan pengalaman yang luar biasa bagi mereka yang datang dari negara tropis. Saran utama: siapkan pakaian dingin secukupnya atau kalian akan sulit menikmati kota kecil indah di Kepulauan Canari. Dan juga siapkan uang yang cukup untuk berbelanja, Tenerife memiliki banyak tepat makan luar biasa. Dan juga tempat tinggal. Banyak tempat tinggal untuk dipilih disini, tergantung budget yang ada.

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