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Life of youngsters in Malta

Life of youngsters in Malta

Typical life of 20 years old youth in Malta can be defined into 2 main directions:

One direction is the student of university and working part-time in hotels, shops or other local enterprises. The youth will spend time either by studying or hanging out with friends, some youths will do scouting or volunteering in local organization (especially those studying social work or agriculture). The youth will be living with family and there is big possibility that he/she will life with family till 30+.

Second direction of youth life is to stop studying in 16 years and start working full-time, buying the car, however there is still big chance that although the youth has money he/she will stay with parents who contribute financially or buying food. These youths usually engage in lifelearning programs or other courses offered for youths who dropped from school. Their free time will be usually shopping, parting or doing more than 1 job.




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