Monday , 20 May 2019
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Life of youngsters in Indonesia

Life of youngsters in Indonesia

Talking about youngsters in Indonesia is interesting. Mostly youngsters in the age of 20 are still studing, but some already earn their money this condition is varied across Indonesia.

In Java, the most populated island in Indonesia, the youngster tend to get their degree in diploma or bachelor. they go to universities, academies, hoping they can get better life after finishing they studies.
But things doesn’t always go like that. Most youngsters just finish their high school then they  work. This is because they think that earning money is more needed than spending time to study, It is because the economy reason.

For some the tuition in universities is not affordable and they can’t find any scholarship. It is sad, but the government is working to open a chance for poor youngster to get scholarship. I hope this condition gets better.




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