Saturday , 20 April 2019
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Let’s get to know participants from Indonesia!

Let’s get to know participants from Indonesia!

I am Miria Sintixwati Sinaga, Coordinating participant from Indonesia.
I work as a communication staff in Jaki. As non profit organization from Jakarta.
Jaki-JARINGAN AKSI KARBON INDONESIA (Indonesian Carbon Action Network) one of the Jaki’s project Wasi “LASKAR IKLIM”  (Climate Warrior) That advocate and train young generation in rural central Java for humanitarian activities, mitigation, national disasters response, and one of our talented, energetic warrior are – Rachma Kusuma Dewi- a 25 years old part-time teacher that was selected to participate in the wish project. Rachma was originated from one isolated rural city of Grobogan, central Java. Tough she has the spirit, motivation and hopes to be the leader of her environment.



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