Friday , 22 February 2019
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Entrepreneurs envious …

Entrepreneurs envious …

In the month of innovative and entrepreneurial initiatives I have decided to do an interview with Cesare, a young man from Catania who has dared to take on an island with 40% youth unemployment. Degree in economics at the University of Bologna recognizes that when he began faculty he used to think about becoming a great businessman, now in Sicily unemployment has changed his thinking. After several years without finding a decent job he has decided to take the upper hand. He registered as an independent 8 months ago and now runs an orchard farming.

Apparently in Italy, due to the crisis, many agricultural enterprises born in recent years, in fact, agriculture is the only sector that has not noticed a decrease of entrepreneurs under 30.

- Cesare, why did you choose this option?

- Well, I really do not want to leave Sicily, I love this island and I am grateful for everything it has given me, I guess in a way to stay here and take is a way to contribute to the development of my island and my people.

- What are the main difficulties you faced when you started this business?

- I really did not have many difficulties. Having studied Business Administration it was clear about how to do it. The first thing was to have a realistic idea of ​​where to start to create a project. Consider the different options, I did a market study and talked to enough people dedicated to this sector. After two training courses, one for agriculture and one oriented to organic farming methods, I saw everything quite clear. Today they provide a lot of help to young people who want to engage in this sector.

- Really? So what kind of aid do you receive?

- Well Coldiretti (the main organization of agricultural entrepreneurs to Italian and European level) has presented a handbook aimed at the younger generation on how to open a working farm. There is also the liberalization decree that defines the possibility of rent or sale of state agricultural land, with priority for young farmers. There are also financial aid for all young people under 40 years…

- Being an entrepreneur is well seen in Sicily?

- The truth is that a few years ago entrepreneurs were seen as a bold crazy, people thought it was far better to be employed by someone and not risk anything. Today it’s very difficult to find a job so that this way of thinking is changing. I do not know how it will look on other people but I think I am very lucky and I do not regret the things I’ve done. I’m very happy and my business is booming.



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