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The North Pole … best climate in the world!

The North Pole … best climate in the world!

A group of scientists will attempt in five years to turn the extreme polar climate into something wonderful, It aims to unseat Las Palmas de Gran Canaria  from the  top of the list!

Meanwhile, Gran Canaria, is coping with La Laguna, in the struggle to be the “European Youth Capital 2016″ *.  Each one has its own theme!

The first thing is not true, maybe it would be if they were the only two countries in the world. The second yes it is. When a “Canarión”** has lived in La Laguna can not understand this struggle, this rivalry, nonsense.

I do not want more clutter in these areas, or feed the ego of anyone, I do not want to create more confusion between this unhealthy relationship, social – policy, and not try to discredit the organizations that support both candidates, my reflection has a clear North, and not 7 Norths.

If we were 7 provinces … also be presented El Cotillo, Famara, San Andrés y Sauces, Sabinosa and Chipude to be “European Youth Capital”? Even La Graciosa as an independent participation from Lanzarote? Is not this amazing archipelago a whole wonderful to be proud? Each island has a corner unforgettable to me, and people from each island   has left me  wonderfull experiences for the rest of my live  … I feel that yes! It´s a place to be proud!

Unfortunately we lose the North, but we don´t lose it towards the South, West, or East … no …. we lose the north by words such as province, Chicharrero-Canarión, “they take all”, “we have this” and “they are all jealous”, “thieves” … [] … that direction do not appear in any compass, but that could lead us  to somewhere, …  hatred, struggle, ….. the inner contradiction, and work towards our deterioration, wear and slow selfdestruction.

My heart feels “La Laguna” as the most vibrant city of Tenerife, and the Young City of the whole archipelago, no doubt. Also, my heart feels “Las Palmas de Gran Canaria” as  the Intercultural City of the archipelago and  it´s  an amazing city, no doubt with this too.  I do not consider it as an opinion, it is a reality,   observing with a free look.

But, still looking  toward  north, is everything for a prize? Why?  We shouldn´t forget that this is a prize,  awards are governed by scales, scales set by a committee, a committee that decides who to award the prize, a circle that is not always very healthy and transparent!

The most important thing is not to lose the North, the right direction, prioritize the word “Canary Islands” as a group, start forgetting the word Province (its effects), and feel happy because the seven islands are an amazing team, with “Lobos” and “La Graciosa” (islets)!!

Together we are the Paradise … separated … NO!

* The European Youth Capital aims in promoting intra-European co-operation between young people. Among the most important aspects of the institution is the betterment of everyday life of the youth in the city selected as youth capital, not just for the duration of the festivities, but in the long term.[2]Additionally, participation of the youth in the design and implementation of the plans for each capital of youth is encouraged by the EYC.[2] Ensuring that the youth are informed and actively involved in society and given opportunities for a better future is also a priority for the EYC initiative.

** Canarión: people of Gran Canaria.

  • In the North Pole, the North doesn´t exist.



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