Friday , 22 February 2019
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After a week on Iceland I will highlight the nature of this island. Even before landing I was freaking out to see ice on one side and smoke coming out of the ground a little further.

We landed on Keflavik, entirely at the west of Ísland (which is written in Icelandic).  The road to Reykjavik is one hour by bus and endless plains is the quintessential Icelandic landscape, houses in the middle of nowhere, horses and even reindeers.

In Reykjavik, the most impressive landscape to me was waking up in “harbor house” and look out the window. A very industrial view, the working port, the sea, and in the background, the snowy mountains.


A few days later we moved to a town called Hveragerdi, on the south and in this way we did a very typical excursion here: The Golden Circle.

First Stop: Pingvellir National Park. A huge lake, lava flows, a valley between high mountains, a river. And through it all, a small chapel with a tiny cemetery next to the river and a solitary bench to sit and meditate.

Second stop: Geysir, the place names the phenomenon known as geyser in the world and not vice versa as everyone might think. Holes in the ground, filled with water at high temperatures every 5 minutes boils and explodes, which scared to me the first time, but it gives you an adrenaline rush to watch a show so beautiful.

Third stop: Gullfoss waterfall. A magical place, where the noise deafens water fall and where you feel tiny and fragile before the immensity and power of nature.



And fourth and last stop: Kerid volcano. a huge crater filled with water forming a frozen lake inside, accessible by a path.Unthinkable for us in the Canaries!

After this trip we spent three days in Hveragerdi, a small town surrounded by streams and where to look outside the house and find rabbits or ducks was completely normal. And now we are in Eskifjordur, at the east, a fishing village that we have to get a tour of almost 11 hours!! Also we did several tourist stops in this way: Skogarfoss waterfall, two glaciars, black sand beaches and snow everywhere. A 800 km trip by places with impossible names, surrounding fjords to reach our destination.

The longest journey of my life. But the landscapes of this place, the constant surprise with every step we take, are worthwhile.



Keep you informed, Iceland connection.



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