Saturday , 20 April 2019
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Etna erupting! Panic!

Etna erupting! Panic!

I was born in Tenerife so to live on an island with a volcano is not new to me, but if it turns out that the volcano is alive, active, alert and above erupts every few days…

When they told me to come to Palermo I had several concerns that I roamed the mind: the Sicilian dialect, the mafia, the sirocco, the cold, the heat, to gain weight eating pasta and pizza … but I had never thought of Etna.

One day I wake up with a call from a friend, it was 8 am and I was scared enough, first for the hour it was and secondly because if a friend decide to pay a call to Italy it must be something important. I picked up, and with my best newly awakened voice, asked: What is it? – Laura, are you okay? – Yeah, well, I’ve just woken up, but … – The Etna erupted!

Mamma mia, I’ve always heard that if the Teide explotes, Canary Island would disappear, so I jumped out of bed running to the kitchen thinking about how to evacuate all my roommates . When I get to the kitchen and I saw them having breakfast quietly, I shouted the new and … everyone starts to laugh! It pissed me thinking “psss if they don’t believe, I evacuate myself and let them here…” Until they saw my panic face and explained that here the eruption of the Etna is something very common, in fact it happens every few weeks …

I was totally forgotten and confident when, a few days later, I receipt an email, a facebook message and several comments on the Island Shake site of our beloved “boss” Santa asking me and the other canary volunteer that if we were okay, if we needed anything, she had seen on the news that the Etna had erupted and she was very worried… Luckily, my grandmother did not know that Etna is in “Sesilia” where her granddaughter is…

The Etna erupts quite often and rarely has an impact for the people, not the type Vesuvius and Pompeii as I imagined… The last eruption, March 18, despite being strombolian type (many explosions, smoke, ash) has had no impact on the population, has not even close the airport in Catania.

So from the bellissima Palermo Helena and I want to send a kiss and a big hug to our dear Santa who is always there for us ;)



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Como diría mi amigo Alejandro, soy una "romántica de la vida". Me encanta viajar y descubrir sitios nuevos, sus gentes, sus costumbres, aprovechar y aprender de cada experiencia y sobre todo disfrutar de cada pequeño detalle y de los placeres más sutiles del día al día...

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