Monday , 20 May 2019
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The finished article

The finished article

One week, 24 new friends, 3 kilos more, 30 hours of accumulated sleep and a Youth in Action Youth Exchange after I finish the unfinished post.

It took place at Gela in southern Sicily, at the nature reserve of Lake Biviere. The site was incredible, a beautiful nature reserve with a lake in the middle, all yellow flowers, birds, butterflies … The group was still better, 6 Armenian, almost all minors but very cultured, very interesting and hilarious people, 6 Estonian that looked serious at first but then… 6 Moldovan very workers, but also very fun and riot and 7 “Italian” 5 volunteers and the 2 guys of the reparative justice program, which were the most bravi we could have taken: Sergio the funniest, who barely spoke English but we all understand him, Cristian sleeping up late but then either get up and cook by himself for all or only rose an hour later and still worked harder than any…

In my case the exchange was a bit special because I arrived on Saturday and as it was a weekend we did not work or Saturday, or Sunday, or Monday, which was pasquetta. The first day we were playing at the Olympic Games, the second day we hiked to Catania and we saw the Etna and then the third day we went to Piazza Armerina and visit the Villa Romana del Casale. The “work” was really simple, or so it seemed to me because as I arrived a couple of days later I only had to work one day. It consisted of sanding and painting the tables and chairs of the picnic that were in the riserva, but more than a job it was like a game … In addition to daily planning there were  some game-type activities to promote tolerance, team work, we talked about the Youth Pass… We also did the secret friend game, some girls made some envelopes with the names of each one and you could leave anonymous messages… In the house we were divided in international Cooking, Cleaning and Washing dishes teams . For more fun themed nights were prepared by the participantseach of each countries. As I arrived late, I missed the Estonian and Armenian night but I was in the Moldovan night and thank goodness! Moldovans, which also friendly, and workers are good chefs, prepared 5 of the traditional dishes, delicious, accompanied by a couple of bottles of wine that the father of the group leader had made, then we danced the traditional  Moldovan dance, they gave us some fridge magnets, painted the Moldovan flag and putted them in some dry spaghettis to decorate the table… And before this exchange I just did not know that Moldova was a country…

Plus all the staff of the nature reservewas very nice, especially one of the guards that one day prepared for all (25 people) one huge pot with pasta con le sarde (pasta with sardines), Sicilian dish, he also prepared a dish without olive oil as one of the Armenian boys disliked, and a little bit in vegetarian way for me , without sardines, but not without question a couple of times and insist that I could eat sardines because they were not meat …

In summary it has been the best experience of my EVS up now! Although I arrived a couple of days later and it was less time than others, I experienced it very intense…. It’s like a mini Big Brother in which what is done is eat nutella, laugh, make jokes, silliness, fun and above all meet wonderful people from other countries, learn their cultures, making friends around the world …

So I’d like to send a big kiss to all those people who I will never forget and that have made my first international exchange one of the best experiences of my life. Grazie ragazzi!



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Como diría mi amigo Alejandro, soy una "romántica de la vida". Me encanta viajar y descubrir sitios nuevos, sus gentes, sus costumbres, aprovechar y aprender de cada experiencia y sobre todo disfrutar de cada pequeño detalle y de los placeres más sutiles del día al día...

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