Saturday , 20 April 2019
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Discovering a new country

Discovering a new country

Solomon Islands… the name begins to intrigue us as the desire to know more about these misteryous islands grows moment after moment. When we start talking about culture, sometimes we were shocked, but it’s not something bad, is a culture that still believes in spells, demons, and where man buys his wife. A culture where people walk barefoot in the street, even with all the warmth that is felt, and where the joy of childrens who throw themselves into the sea holds us to a lifestyle that only solomon people understand. This culture that has not been modernized, make us want to learn more and more about it, as we take our first steps in the Solomon culture. And we are just beginning. SONY DSCWe are in a completely different country with a different language, it seems easy, but in the end, this broken english drives us crazy. We began to enjoy a cuisine in which the coconut seems to be the king of many dishes and where the rice is part of everyday life. SONY DSCThe way like a family welcomes us into his house, and makes us part of it makes everything different, we can learn how they live, how they look at life, and make us part of the family too. The simplicity of how they live surprises me, as they are happy with so little, as they always have a smile on his face. Everything is so different, so unique, and is what makes these people so special. Welcome to hapi isles! DSCN4193'



About Jessica

My homeland is Madeira island, but i'm from the World. I want to see it with my own eyes, form my opinions and make my stories. That's why i want to know as much as i can about all cultures and differences, landscapes and horizons. Stay in one place and watch life going on is not an option.

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