Monday , 25 March 2019
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“Dances with seawolves”

“Dances with seawolves”

Bailar con Lobos (Pablo) Seawolves

The most special moment during my EVS in Chile, has a big relationship with primitive nature, adventure, exchange of culture wealth and way of life in Lationamerica. It was an integral experience that I take with me for the rest of my life.

Raúl Riquelme wait for us in Punta Rieles without time set – early in the morning he says – There the people don´t have clock or schedule. After 50 minutes we arrive in the area were the Battle of Pacific happened. The road comes to sing the most primitive songs of desert, providing the cupper and the coffee of the silence paramo, opening the diaphanous sky, giving the horizon. Arriving, the deep and transparent water shot stimulate the emotion and relax my pulse. Mr. Riquelme receives us in his comfortable home, refugee of family and fisherman, where we talk about our social innovation and sustainable tourism project, about his importance in it, about shellfish life and future too. We invite him to join, he is a linchpin, this is our mission, give opportunities, boost changes and generate wellness. This is the goal.

I changed my holidays to work, my work to one voluntary, my salary to life experience and the designed way for me to my own. I look his eyes saying “thanks, this worth it, this path is your place”. He talk about his vision, his dream, his differences with government, its prohibitions. He invite us to see his house – the truthful house – taking a walk in the sea, with our eyes quite open and our emotion throbbing.

His boat has accommodation to 10 people, but in his new house, thousands of habitant lives:   Humboldt´s Penguins, Antarctica giant petrels, Sea wolves, Pelicans, Seagulls, Dolphins, Whales… Raul look me and showing a group of sea wolves say: “Whenever you want”. “The most dangerous sea wolf I´ve ever seen was in a small pool, so swim with hundreds of them will be thrilling and risky at the same time. My instinct and his security were stronger. With the lips glaciers, the feet numbed and an eternal smile, I danced my wildest dancing. Around curious and fast sea wolves who looked at me funny. This swimming creates a complete sense of freedom in me.

Also, we practice Subwing to know, how is flying low the Chilean ocean. It was amazing. Later when we finish, we share with Raul´s family and local people, a really nice time: the lunch. I taste the best seafood soup ever and two awesome seafood pie (ostión and octopus). We are happy, I am happy. I breath the wind, I feel the “camanchaca”, I feel how my summer is my winter now, my Canary Islands, Atacama.

-          We come back to return.

-          See you soon

I have 4 month and thousands of pages to fit in my notebook. My travel talks about geography, but more in dreams and desires, in live with simple people. ¿What kind of history will come next?



About Pablo

Viajero inquieto, caminante creativo, amante de las buenas comidas compartidas (escaldón por siempre), entusiasta mas soñador que realista. Despistado y honesto, compañero de la risa, el buen humor y la música. Restless traveller, creative hiker, fan of good shared meals, committed enthusiast more dreamer than realist. Forgetful and honest, companion of laughter, humour and music.

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