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Cultural shock in Indonesia

Cultural shock in Indonesia

Coming to Indonesia will be very much fun for the volunteer from other countries, especially for those from Spain. It is because Indonesia need more creative people to work with. Since we are happy to host the volunteers let me explain some tradition in Indonesia in order to avoid cultural shock:

1. Indonesians don’t kiss and touch to the stranger. Normally we just shake our hands while introducing ourselves. Kiss on the cheeks is only for family members or a very very close friends (women to women).
2. It is not polite to touch somebody’s head, especially of he/she is older.
3. It is not polite to sit on the table if there is a presentation and you cannot find a chair to sit, better for you to ask or just be standing during the presentation.
4. We eat rice and spices a lot. So better to always ask what are the ingredients are to avoid stomachache.
5. It is not common to give something using left hand.
6. We are not so good in queue.
7. Cars drivers are not so tolerant to pedestrians. So cross on the zebra cross and wait until the red for the car before you cross the street.
8. We don’t laugh loud.
9. It is not polite to interrupt without raising your hand.
10. We are soft spoke. Do not get it wrong, it is not a sign that we are slow. We just want to be polite and honor others.
11. Sometimes we spit everywhere. It is disgusting but be prepared.
12. Normal clothing in Indonesia is t-shirt, jeans, shirts, dress but not the “mini” one. Otherwise people will keep staring at you. If you enjoy that, it is ok. But of course it is disturbing.

I hope that you will have a great time in Indonesia :)




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