Monday , 22 April 2019
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Cultural Exchanges

Cultural Exchanges

Several weeks ago, I was participated on the event called 7th Edition of Festival Rural de Creación located in the small village near by Santa Cruz. This festival organized by community to promote also preserve their cultures, Hundreds people were coming to this four days program, you could go for hiking, workshop, music, mural, traditional games, and etc. Within this project, community can keep the rhythm of civic participation and develop their culture further, I had noticed people who were coming to participate in this event was not only from local or Spanish, but also from several countries such as Germany, Senegal, and UK. People were really enjoy and received more knowledge about the tradition.


Then moved to my side, I was coming to this festival without nothing. I brought a little tradition from Indonesia. Meanwhile the party has so many activities, I decided to participate into promotion of traditional games. Then I presented folk games called “BAKIAK”, this game made by plan and long woods. As you can see in the picture below, this games is really fun also good for training people to have better coordination and build the team work. I made two pairs of Bakiak and here are some clips during the activity.

Bakiak Goes to Espana



About Karim

I am interested in Youth and Community Development project, since 2009 I have been actively participated in volunteering activity. Towards the program with Islandshake called STARS project it gives me the opportunity to have more experience and knowledge in the sustainable tourism concept that I am planning to work more also with my organization(Sahabat Pulau) and associated with Bali-Community Based Tourism Association (BALI-CoBTA) in Indonesia.

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