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How to turn your passion into a job (paid)

How to turn your passion into a job (paid)

Eva is a young woman from Ancona who started doing her EVS in Barcelona and now works as a part of the permanent staff of InformaGiovani in Sicily.

1º How did you get hired by an NGO after your EVS?

When I chose my EVS I had very clear what I wanted. I studied political science so I wanted to see how this could be a job opportunity within NGOs. During my year as EVS, even though I spent it in Barcelona, ​​in a party and moved city, I could make an experience of how to manage an NGO.

I had already been volunteering at an NGO in Italy that developed workcamps and international volunteer projects that had a branch in Barcelona. So as soon as they found out they had sent me this position available. Basically a part of what I am doing now is what I did during my EVS. I started doing volunteer shift, customer service, giving briefings to publicize workcamps, I was in charge of the training of volunteers were going to workcamps and coordinators…

I remember the first thing I had to do when I arrived was check a super guidance with all the Catalan associations with which we could do workcamps. I had to contact all these organizations and start up fields, which in part is what I do now too. In fact I continue doing what I did during my EVS, only my responsibility has changed. Now I have more tasks and I have a broader view of what it is and where it moves the association.


2º So the skills you acquired during your EVS were basically practical job now you’re playing?

Yes indeed it was a test to see how, if I liked, what happened… and yes. We can say that I improved my competence in management planning, with volunteers, coordinating with people… Also they happened several things that were not planned. For example, there was a downward coordinator who requested pregnancy and I replaced her just when I finish my EVS and found myself writing projects (I learned and now I’m writing projects for InformaGiovani). In the end I was even asked to stay and work there but I said no because I wanted to license first, finish college and then start to think about a potential employment. Although I must admit it could have been a good natural outlet in relation to what he had done in previous months.


3º Why are you in Sicily?

Because I was involved in a partnership that had local and regional groups in Italy. I did not belong to Sicily because I lived in another region but I had contact with its members. After EVS I returned to Italy, I graduated, I started working for a Spanish NGO. While working in Spain I still had relationship with my initial association  and with the Sicilian one, when some things happened that did not meet my criteria for developing social inclusion projects. I within my organization and the people from the Sicilian organization shared the same philosophy so in 2010 we decided to “become independent” and do what we thought right. Let’s say from Sicily they had more experience from years ago involving youth in the penalty area as the rest of Italy did not share or understand. Now InformaGiovani collaborates with various offices of legal action across the country but initially was created InformaGiovani from 0.


4º Do you like it? Are you happy? What would you change?

I like it, if not, I would not do it. Sometimes I think that a more boring but more structured job would be fine for a while, but I had have structured jobs and I’m bored a lot. I am not the type of person who works because he needs to pay some expenses, I work because I think the work I do is useful for a few people and I think that what we are doing is something worth. Sure I work a lot, it is very intense, and do not know if this can hold for a long time or if you can combine with other things: family, children, living in Sicily… the solution can be found if you share your work, if you pass the knowledge to people who can relieve …

In general I think there are many things that can be improved but the essence of what we do not because I think it is well thought out.



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