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Chile´s Arrival Training

Chile´s Arrival Training

During the first two weeks in Antofagasta, Ana and I received – by the professor Ricci – training in Social Innovation and one introduction about the tourism in the region. Likewise, he could contextualize the Antofagasta´s culture, socioeconomic and touristic situation. In this process, we were learning things with theory but with experience too. So, we could visualize the real situation of Tourism and the specific place of STARS in this complex network.


This learning gave the opportunity to know personally the Triple – Hélix of Innovation project, and the people who work in it. We understood the value of using adapted innovative models, not only for regional strategies, to resolve the most basic and simple people´s need.

We understood also the importance to create dialoged areas, where the collaborative relationships would be possible, between main actors in the society: Academy, Companies, Government and Community.

Similarly, we could develop some field trips, where the knowledge has come through non formal and informal education, with practice too.



  • First contact with Budeo´s young group. This information has a completely informal nature and arises by the cultural exchange.
  • First field trip. Through the subject “Applied Geography and History” 4th course of the Diplomaed “Early Childhood Education” taught at the Universidad Católica del Norte.
    Route: Michilla- Cobija.
  • First family life. This formation was not structured, but it has been one of the most important, not only at the arrival, at the rest of the EVS too. Through this coexist, we could understand the reality of BUDEO young people, we could see the Antofagasta least part know, the local problematic and the situation of one honest and extraordinarily and friendly family.




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