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Building an Eco – Home!

Building an Eco – Home!

In the past June 2012 began a training course for young people an youth workers in order to build an eco-home, and to learn the technique, and awareness by experience the benefits of ecological construction.

Actually, in the month of May to June, new volunteers will finish this work. During the month, the volunteers will have the main activity of finishing an Eco-Home, more exactly: applying earthen plasters and lime stucco, woodworking such as counters, cupboards and shelving, installing electric and plumbing appliances, tile placement in humidity stressed areas such as bathroom and kitchen windows and door placement and finally, floor construction.

Besides, they will learn how to do the biogas system, how to install solar panel, etc..

And finally, in addition to these activities, new volunteers will also have to plan future garden area of the Eco-Home.

The purpose of all this is that young people know the necessary techniques and benefits of green building and, with it, the promotion of the values ​​of sustainable development.

Last week I had the opportunity to spend a nice day with all of them, where I got an excellent deal. Two of these volunteers very kindly offered to answer my questions about their experience in this project.

Here I present to Anna Elisa (Italy) and Gurgen (Armenia).

Guys, tell us something about yourself, please.

Anna: I’m from Lecce (Italy) and I’ve come here because I’m in a partnership called “Work in Progress”, for which I write projects for the European Union and have been offered this opportunity from there, so I wanted to take it.

 Gurgen: I am Gurgen from Armenia. I got to find out about this project because I’m an EVS coordinator myself so I was in contact with the hosting organization in Lefkada for another EVS project and we already have here another volunteer from our organization, Tamara, she is doing long-term EVS here. So this was another opportunity and I said why not do it myself because for the last years we have been sending volunteers to different countries and I was the only one in my organization who didn’t do EVS. So I said ok, this chance is maybe for me.

Why have you chosen to participate in this project?

Anna: I have chosen this project because I liked this idea and is closely related to my studies. I have studied a masters in tourism economy and now in this very important industry is taking eco-tourism and try to know much more about all this, so what I think this project will further increase my knowledge.

Gurgen: I wanted to participate in EVS in general because I am working as an EVS coordinator myself and I know that this year is the last year of EVS 2013 and that next year nobody knows ehat is going to happen. I couldn’t do a long term EVS because I was working and this is my vacation actually, I had to take vacation to come here in Nidri. This project came just in time.

Did you have any experience in green building?

 Anna: I had not had any previous experience in building houses so I think this is a good opportunity for me.

Gurgen: I have no experience as such in building eco-houses for me it is something new and I believe that this EVS is an opportunity to observe yourself in doing something that you never did before. In my opinion if you are doing EVS you shouldn’t do it in a thing that you are doing in your country because EVS should be a learning opportunity in which you learn something new. And building an eco-house was something completely new for me.

What do you expect in this project? What do you expect to learn when you finish?

Anna: What I expect from this project, as I said, is to acquire enough knowledge to build organically. I also interested to know the differences in the various countries on the construction and, somehow, to know how to improve the way in which it takes in my country.

Gurgen: What I expect to learn? Anything that I can get is learning because as I said I am new in this field but more importantly I would like to see and learn how you can obtain construction materials out of the nature that surrounds you, without needing to go to a special store selling construction materials. So how you can get everything on the spot and start building things.

Do you think that this project can be of help to work in the future?

Anna: Yes, I think this experience may serve to develop in the future my work because, as I explained, I would like to direct my future work in this area and here I am learning a lot.

Gurgen: I have a job there so as I told you before this is more a learning experience than an experience that would lead me to a job after, but who knows? Especially in Armenia, constructions are something that is always needed.

Thank you! 



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