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Bancadati Informa Giovani

Bancadati Informa Giovani

Bancadati Informa Giovani

Is there an office in Sicily to help young people in the job search? Yes there is, and it is precisely the Association with I’m working during my European volunteering: Informa Giovani.

Founded in 2001 by a group of volunteers in Palermo, the association Informa Giovani is the coordinating body of a European network for social volunteering.

Its activities are conducted locally, nationally and internationally and aim to promote the rights of citizens, especially young people, the promotion of information and participation as indispensable tools for active citizenship and, above all, of those who by various reasons are likely to be excluded or marginalized in society. Informa Giovani has two offices in Italy and its international network with members in Armenia, Croatia, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Greece, Moldova, and Ukraine, Spain, and partners in over 40 countries on all continents. It also is working to expand the network to Morocco, Tunisia, Palestine, Israel and Turkey. In its ten years of life have done seminars, international exchanges, training courses, volunteer camps … and they have developed a number of information tools for young people and those working with young people.

As for aid to job search I refer to the wonderful web Bancadati Giovani < >, a database as I mentioned in the article? How do the Sicilians do it?

In this database we can access jobs both in Sicily and in Italy and abroad. In addition to displaying the job we can also access news on public competition, internships, training, career counselling, scholarships …

Once at the site we find that there are two possible ways to access it: You can enter both anonymously (you can only access certain content) as recorded, but I recommend the second option. If creating a checking account totally free (only with our username, password and email address) we can access all web content and even interact with the database proposing new news. Both registered and unregistered can receive the newsletter that periodically publishes information on new opportunities.

I do not know if in the Canaries or Spain we have something close to bancadati. While living in Tenerife I kept several facebook pages that published scholarships or jobs of all kinds, these pages were great and although it was not my case, I do know people who have found jobs through them. Still I think it would be an interesting idea to create a database on a regional or national … and what do you think? Any volunteers? ;)



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