Saturday , 25 May 2019
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The other day in a mini-workcamp of InformaGiovani I had the opportunity to speak with three young Sicilians and ask them about how they saw the future, their own and of their island. Toni and Monica form Palermo and Danilo from Gela confirmed my worst fears, the youth of Canary Island we’re not the only who see the future dark blue almost black…

- What are your expectations for the future of the young people here in Sicily?

Monica: Regarding my future I’m a bit sceptical, I could not give you a precise answer… Regarding the future of the youth of the island one thing is clear, that the more things you know to do, the more adaptable you are, the more knowledge you have the more opportunities you have to find something in this “future” so uncertain.

Danilo: I want to be optimistic. I think I’ve always known to get what I want so I think I’ll find something…

Toni: I think you have to prepare for what lies ahead, I also agree with Monica in that the more skills you have the more likely you are to find a job.

- Entrepreneurship is a popular choice among young people of the island? What do you think about this?

Toni: I think that if you want to do it, you must do it well; there are things that have always worked and always will work. For example on my street there are 3 sealed and 3 are always full of people … I think that, if you choose well the business undertaking is a pretty smart choice.

Danilo: Yes there are young entrepreneurs but for me it is a mess, there is not a lot of help, the mob always hurts…

Monica: I think entrepreneurship is a good start if you have an innovative idea. I would undertake if I found the right idea or if I have a strong passion for something, because I think you should have a strong motivation to undertake something. I also think it is a pretty serious thing and you should think about what you want to do, you must have a plan, do not get carried away.

- Are there many entrepreneurs in the tourism industry?

Monica: It’s true that many young people employed in this sector but not so many entrepreneurs. I think to start something and it works out it must be something innovative. I think that the tourism sector has great potential but must listen to the needs of tourism and also look for new ideas.

Danilo: I think there is enough tourism in Sicily but not exploit. The problem, at least in Gela, is that if you want to start with something geared to tourism is very difficult to undertake it on your own, you must be the son of someone who has already done the paperwork and customers who can inherit, or if you do not have to have enough money, but if you set out on your own is not sure you get it right.

- Do you prefer to start something or better prefer to leave their island in search of a better future? Why?

Danilo: It depends. There are periods when I think of stay and periods when not. When I was younger I thought to stay here and be able to contribute something to my country, as I got older I realized the difficulties in this regard. Now mostly I think of going out…

Toni: I think I’ll go out, there are many more opportunities here… For example, without going any further, elsewhere in Italy things are better than in Sicily. Also I have many friends who are working in Germany… Maybe I’m there…

Monica: I do not know. Still I do not know what I want to do so not know where to go to get it… If I find something that satisfies me I do not mind the site. What is certain is that it should start to come back.



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