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How my own wish comes true

Island connection

After receiving confirmation of becoming a partner on the WISh Project, the National Youth Council of Saint Lucia made me the Project Coordinator. I must admit I sat down and put together a list of priority areas that would need to be addressed in order to receive attention from our people in Saint Lucia, especially stake holders and funding partners. ... Read More »

10 days of WISh – My overall experience


With jaws wide open and a heart pounding in my chest I stood before the coordinator of the World Island Shake from my country as the words stringed out of his mouth “Tobitha you are chosen to represent our NGO at the WISh project!”. When I came to my senses I looked him in the eyes and smiled, from that ... Read More »

From temperature to language … Culture shock in St. Lucia


One of the culture shocks a Spanish people would experience when they have arrived into my country is the temperature. My country is a very tropical country which experiences only two kinds of weather cycles – wet and dry. Most of the time is sunny and bright with very high temperature. Another shock would be that St. Lucians are not ... Read More »

What’s about… EVS in St. Lucia?


The programs of the Saint Lucia National Youth Council varies according to the community in which it is being held. Also engagement depends on the interests of volunteer. With that said one can expect projects on youth development through sport, developing social character and tolerance of marginalized/minority  groups such as LBGT community. As well as people of different economic status ... Read More »

(Español) Inscríbete a jornadas informativas “Make a WISh!”

Make a Wish-small

Sorry, this entry is only available in Español. Read More »

Showing children the world of Art – My perfect EVS Project in Tenerife


If I were to become an EVS I would love to visit the Canary Islands and to be more specific, Tenerife. I would love to be involved with children incorporating Art & Culture. I would be teaching kids about my culture through music and dance. It would be a perfect mix of passions. This is because I love kids, Culture ... Read More »

Sport as a tool for building understanding – My perfect EVS project


For me it would be in a holistic approach using sport to reach and attract marginalized youth in vulnerable communities. AIM: To teach about discrimination on race, culture, sexual orientation and to also promote social interaction. WHY SPORT? I am thinking about football specifically. It is the most popular sport in the world and is known to some as a ... Read More »

EVS from non-european point of view

taken from:

I understand that EVS provide opportunities for young people from 18 to 30, exceptionally 16-30, in areas of self-development and country development. This is a great opportunity for young people like me to learn new cultures and exchange good practices. There are also opportunities to teach others about my culture. The most outstanding thing for me is the diversity of unique ... Read More »

What are benefits of WISh ?


- It has already provided us with a link to European countries for collaboration on future projects. - Has given us insights into world standards through the demands of the European Commission. - Cultural exchanges that allows for better appreciation of our foreign counterparts, through anti-discrimination etc. - New approaches in present similar activities as well as programs. - The ... Read More »

Different ways to discover St. Lucia

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We have very few movies of our country but one of those is “Out A Street”. This movie speaks of the struggles faced in the street by an ordinary ghetto boy/man. Speaks of drugs, guns and all the violence in poorer communities. There are two parts of this movie and second war released late 2013. Also if you listen to ... Read More »

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