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TENERIFFIC Bonanza – part II


The employability project through training activities and study visits has been enriching not only by motivating but aspiring participants to strive for more.  In terms of inspiration, the approaches and sharing of good practices has inspired me to really ‘think globally and act locally’. In other words, I have been inspired t be more involved in my local setting either it be in ... Read More »



From a tiny island in the South Pacific where the temperature never goes below 24 degrees Celsius to an island outside of Spain where the temperature especially during winter, can be as low as 5 degrees Celsius. I have engaged, in a span of 10 days some life time experiences that would become part of my historical biography, if I become a Prime ... Read More »

Red teeth and solo time – culture shock in Solomon Islands

Red stained lips and teeth from constant chewing of betel nut–a

Below are some instances, behaviors and practices that might be a culture shock for someone from Spain (and other countries) if they were to travel to Honiara, such as: 1. The amount of rubbish (e.g. plastic, paper) end peoples attitude of littering everywhere. 2. Red and black teeth both young and old from betel nut chewing and taking into account ... Read More »

EVS project in Solomon Islands ?

Pacific Partnership 2013

If our organization hosted a volunteer, it will mainly focus on the following areas: -Planning, organizing and implementation of youth policies International Youth Day celebrations, Children’s Day Celebrations, Women’s Day Celebrations - Observing job interviews - Planning and organizing youth development workshops and trainings - Collecting youth information/ Research on youth information and collecting proper data compilation  [Jessica and Teresa] Read More »

Many reasons for having perfect EVS project


If I had the opportunity to go as youth volunteer abroad, a perfect or ideal voluntary service (EVS) for me would be more focused on the following field area, the reason why, the country and why to such THE FIELD AREA: I would target a project that evolves youth information REASON: - We have youth council but no proper youth ... Read More »

Rebuilding Big Man System – My Perfect EVS Project


If I were to apply for an EVS I would choose areas focusing on Gender Equality. REASON:  I come from a country where it has a diverse culture that define the roles and responsibility of a man and a woman in our society and is called “Big Man System”. Thus there are measures that have been advocated for the past ... Read More »

What we got to know about EVS during WISh

taken from:

Now we know that EVS: - Gives more opportunities to share, interact and learn different cultures - Builds confidence, independence, capacity - It is a European Voluntary Service that provides non-formal education trainings in all aspects of human development - It unites different people of different cultural background to accomplished a common goal - Has strict criterias that builds individuals ... Read More »

How WISh can influance on your island?


Through the exchange program and good cultural practices, because we do not have such programs that unite and bring together youth from the nine provinces. Therefore we can always adopt the approaches used in this WISh project which is more relevant or realistic in our setting as well. We can also organize a regional youth enchnge program by adopting the concept ... Read More »

The quickest way to discover Solomon Islands

the thin red line walking

Since Solomon Islands is a very tiny island area, that if sometimes disappears from world maps (to be honestly speaking) it is also quite the same with how popular or well know Solomon Islands are globally. Therefore for people who are lazy to even pick up a book or read volumes of written journals to know about Solomon Islands, the ... Read More »

From volunteering to World Island Shake…


Volunteerism is not so popular among young people however by setting up of the provincial youth councils, we take risk on emphasizing young people to take on full responsibility by taking up all the positions voluntarily. Though Honiara Youth Division engaging young people for organizing, planning and implementation of events such as International Youth Day, Children Day etc. based on ... Read More »

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